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InstaMold Flexible Temporary Mold Compound
Instamold allows you to mold the object of your choice fast and accurately. It is non-toxic and safe for skin when making craft projects such as body parts. . Instamold can be used on any three dimensional object. You can use Instamold with wax, plaster, Permastone and resin! Instamold is the perfect mold-making material for craft projects such as custom-designed pottery pieces or cherished heirlo..
High Strength Plaster Premium Casting Compound
Sandtastik® High Strength Plaster (Plaster of Paris)  Sandtastik® High Strength Plaster is a high purity, general purpose art plaster made for a wide variety of applications. Often referred to as Plaster of Paris or soft plaster, common uses include ornamental work for creating decorative, detailed pieces and arts and crafts 2D/3D sculptures. Mixing consistency can vary from 1 part..
PermaStone Break-Resistant Casting Material
Activa Permastone mixes easily with water and reproduces the finest detail. Permastone is the ideal casting compound when permanent break-resistant castings are desired. It handles like plaster and has a stone-like finish. Even if it happens to break the fracture is clean and easily glued/fixed.  It can be painted as it dries white with acrylics, oils, watercolors, tempera or any other finish..
Holiday Spirit Kids Craft Kit: Plaster Casting
HOLIDAY SPIRIT 36-CHARACTER KIDS CRAFT KIT: PLASTER CASTING Create your favorite 3D characters using the classic art of plaster casting in molds. Easily cast a variety of Christmas and religious themed characters with this craft kit. Ready to decorate within 30 minutes. Recommended for ages 4 and up with adult supervision. 36 character molds in all. Cast and create them all! Holiday S..
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