Natural Stone Clay

La Doll® Premier Light Weight Stone Clay - air dries and can be worked indefinitely when kept moist.  Adheres to any core material (Wire Mesh, Rigid Wrap, Paper, Glass, Plastic, Wood and Styrofoam) and will not stick to your hands or crumble!  Premier is excellent for molding and rubber stamping along with many others. Premier is an advanced formula, but with a finer body, allowing for greater detail, exceptional strength, ultra-lightweight pieces.

La Doll® Satin Smooth Natural Stone Clay - is the perfect air-dried clay for fine detail work, it contains highly refined pumice, talc and small amounts of paper pulp and binders, resulting in an extremely pliable clay that can be worked with indefinitely by keeping the clay moist. Adheres to any core material (ACTIVA® Activ-Wire Mesh Flexible Structure Material, Sandtastik® Rappit Plaster Cloth, Paper, Glass, Plastic, Wood, and Styrofoam). Air dries with minimal shrinkage. Once dry, it can be carved, drilled, or sanded and get a satin finish. All paints and varnish are also accepted.